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(Max, 25.04.05) The binary distributions contain now an AptilisDoc parser, comparable to JavaDoc/PhpDoc. For more information, see aptilisdoc.html (in the binary distribution).

Aptilis 2.4 RC2

(Max, 18.07.04) The new release fixes a bug in getTemplate() and includes a new function: getProcessId(). It's already documented in the manual.

Manual updated

(Max, 11.07.04) There's a whole topic about imports now. The library was also updated and now complies with the import conventions. You may want to re-download it.

Aptilis 2.4 RC1 out

(Max, 30.06.04) The new release makes imports possible! Check the examples in the binary distributions. Don't forget to tell us about bugs!

Manual updated

(Max, 10.06.04) A new version of the manual is available. The syntax highlighting files have also been updated (now with a scheme for the popular editor proton3, thanks to a user submission)

Aptilis 2.4 beta out

(Max, 06.06.04) A lot of work has been done one the parser to prepare the new directives "template" and "import" (which is not in this release, yet). The manual will be updated ASAP. Get it here.

Script archive updates

(Max, 03.06.04) A new version of the MySQL API is available with considerable speed optimizations. There's also a new example script for Instant Payment Notification (IPN) with PayPal.


What is Aptilis?

Aptilis is a programing language targeted at web professionals. Because it is very simple - yet powerful - it is good for beginners too. It resembles Good'ol Basic.

What does it cost?

Aptilis is free for commercial and non-commercial purposes. It's Open Source and released under the terms of the Aptilis License.

What about support?

You can get support in our forum and. There is also a downloadable documentation in various file formats and many example programs available.

If you need more support like setting up Aptilis on your servers or customised solutions, write to support@aptilis.com

How can I help?

There are many ways you can help. We do always need enthusiastic people with different skills. Read on at 'supporting aptilis' about the opportunities.

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