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Supporting Aptilis

As Aptilis is a Open Source project, it lives from the help of the Internet public.
We need people with many different skills. E.g.:

  • Experienced C-programmers for the further development of Aptilis
  • Translators for the manual and the website
  • Versed Aptilis programmers for user support in the forum, improvements of the manual and more example programs

If you think you can help, please conatact us: contribute@aptilis.com

Another way of supporting Aptilis is linking from your website to aptilis.com. You can freely use one of the images below:

"powered by Aptilis":

Aptilis Aptilis

Logo with "Aptilis", transparent for bright backgrounds:

Aptilis Aptilis

Logo with "Aptilis", transparent for dark backgrounds:

Aptilis Aptilis

Aptilis logo only:


(right-click images and select "save image ...")
Another project worth supporting: Electron Red, a car conversion to electric propulsion



Many thanks to SourceForge.net for the hosting and their infrastructure.


3rd party components

Parts of Aptilis are based on efforts of the following projects:
FreeType.org OpenSSL.org

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