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Script archive

This archive contains Aptilis scripts for various tasks. You can use them freely in your projects.

Max Schoefmann
(update: 2004-06-03) Add basic MySQL functionality to your Aptilis scripts! Includes an example command line client.

PayPal IPN
Max Schoefmann
Use PayPals' Instant Payment Notification (IPN) with Aptilis!

Thibault Jamme
A simple Wiki system.

Max Schoefmann
A set of functions for session handling with cookie support!

Webbased Newsgroup
Thibault Jamme
The original example script of the manual. Click here to try it online.

Aptilis forum (0.5)
Max Schoefmann
This is the forum also used on this website. It is an improved version of the original one written by Thibault Jamme.
It's completely configurable with templates. Even the text of the error messages can be changed easily (e.g. to other languages). Comes with a user registration mechanism. Registered users can attach images to their postings and send emails to each other with a built in form-mailer. Supports BBCode, emoticons and signatures. Personal settings are stored in a cookie so that they have to be entered only once.

Max Schoefmann
Allows you to integrate the headlines of slashdot.org or heise.de (or any other news-website that provides their headlines in RDF files) in your website.

Site Statistics
Thibault Jamme
Generates a bar chart of the weekly hits on your website.

Education (various)
Max Schoefmann
Three scripts for educational purposes:
Newtonian interpolation: Takes x/y-coordinates of any points and generates a curve through them using the interpolation method of Newton.
Sorting algorithms: Insertion-Sort, Selection-Sort, Bubble-Sort, Quick-Sort, Heap-Sort
Fibonacci numbers: Recursive, tail-recursive and itherative implementation of the fibonacci function.

Max Schoefmann
Converts Aptilis databases into XML files.

DB with streams
Max Schoefmann
A function for accessing Aptilis databases without loading them on the whole. It's possible to use wildcarts and limit the number of records to return.

Thibault Jamme
The example guestbook of the manual. Click here to try it online.

Max Schoefmann
A guestbook with template support and a admin area where postings can be deleted or commented.

Aptilis CMS
Max Schoefmann
A basic Content Management System. Features:
- multiple users
- restauration of earlier versions of every page
- completely template based
- integrated search function
- content templates for faster content creation

WAP Email Checker
Max Schoefmann
A WAP application that checks your emails (without deleting them) and displays subject line and sender on your WAP-phone anywhere in the world.

SMTP after POP
Max Schoefmann
Covers the problem that Aptilis can't do SMTP authentication. But many providers allow "SMTP after POP" instead.

Thibault Jamme
Generates biorythm curves from your date of birth. Click here to try it online.

Thibault Jamme
A graphical webpage counter. Click here to try it online.

Max Schoefmann
This collection of scripts illustrates how to use Aptilis as a "Batch-enhancer". The example "download.bat" allows you to download any file from the Internet from the command line. Also covers the problem of passing command line parameters to the aptilis script through batch files.

Max Schoefmann
This script illustrates how to automate the creation of documentations with the use of templates and text files.



If you have a script which you think shouldn't be missing here, please send it to us!

Scripts for this archive must fulfil the following conditions:

•  It must be written in Aptilis ("Aptilis-extended" batch or shell-scripts are ok)
•  You have to own the copyright
•  You have to be up to provide it to the public for no charge

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