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If you are a registered user of SourceForge.net, please use the bug tracker.

If you want to report a bug in the manual or website or if you are not
registered at SourceForge.net, please use the form below.

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Latest fixes

•  build 056 (17 July 2004) Fixed broken getTemplate() when getting them from the same module.

•  build 054 (27 June 2004) Fixed crash on downloading FTP file with zero length.

•  build 047*2 (30 May 2004) Fixed '"\\" $ // a comment' bug

•  build 046 (04 Mar 2004) Fixed stream 'write' bug

•  build 045d (04 Feb 2004) Max: Fixed bug in readEmails. Backups were made even if 'PleasSave' was set 0. Only "" did work.

•  build 044 (08 Sep 2003) Fixed XML parsing bug where the last field of an XML block may have been irretrievable. Added XML comments support as well as the skipping of the Directives.

•  build 043 (02 Aug 2003) Call to SSL_CTX_free, not much effect on leakage on shutdown. Fixed problem where assigning an empty array to an array didn't clear up the destination array.

•  build 042 (15 Jul 2003) Fixed XML GetTagAttributes that was broken on tags near the end of the data block.

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